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I was in 3rd grade when my feet discovered DC shoes. I was a growing boy with feet growing even faster. As I got older I happened to get into skating, and would go through pairs fairly quickly. Most of my life has included the DC brand. It's what I feel comfortable wearing, and not just shoes, but other DC apparel as well, snowboard shoes, jackets, beanies and a lot of shirts. When entering my first consistent job I was already overdue for a new pair of shoes, but there were higher priorities. So after having a job for 9 months, some of the first things I started buying myself was just happening. My shoes were either ripping visible holes to the inside or the sole tearing off. It didn't matter though because I was going to get a new pair of shoes in my favorite color that happened to match my work attire. So I spend a couple of days picking out the perfect shoes, make my order and a week-ish later, I get this . . . burgundy color, that was not the vibrant red shoe on the website. It was the same build of shoe, but the color combo definitely made it the wrong pair of shoes. I call explain it's the wrong pair, even showed the rep the shoe page and he confirmed. He offered to send me another pair of shoes, while sending me a return label. I wanted to go a step further, I asked for him to send a, which I later found out the proper term, bin check. He said he would. 3 weeks in now, and another pair of the same shoes. I call back, and now I have to wait for the FIRST bin check that she just now authorized. Few days later the email says they didn't even have them in stock; site hasn't been updated. 4 weeks in, I call back and I inquire as to how I can get some different shoes that I had in mind. I had found 2 shoes that came really close to the price of the one pair, end result was, either send them more money and get a whole new order processed or get my money returned, I didn't have any spare money to buy another pair of shoes. I chose to get out now without wasting any more time. I sent both pairs of shoes back, and received emails on 6/13 &


"We would like to inform you that we have received notice of your return in transit.

You will be informed by email when your return has been processed and credited at our warehouse.

This should occur within 14 days, though carrier times may vary."

More than 2 weeks later . . . I call back, nobody can seem to pull up my file, manager finds it in their "other" system, apparently they were converting over. After finding it, she tells me the shoes didn't get there till the 18th/19th, fine ill wait til the 5th of July to call back, and when I did, they still had problems pulling up my file, when they did, said that it had gotten lost in the old system as they were converting over. Please wait 3-7 days for the order to process. 11th I call . . again, and she had the hardest time of all trying to find my file, had to give her my card number twice after quite an ordeal of no information coming up, oh you file was still in the old system. Please wait 24-48 hours for your refund to process. 14th I call, somehow it takes 2 tries every time for something to process, I was supposed to wait another 48 hours max for it to hit my bank account.

July 15th-

"A credit for the amount of $XX.XX has been applied to your credit card.

Please feel free to contact DCSHOES.COM about any questions you might have about this transaction or order"

It's the 16th as I type this today, I had called, and apparently the last 48 hours was for the credit within their system to process and now its the usual 3-5(probably bus. days) on "my banks end" until I get my money back. Knowing the way this kind of stuff goes, I can expect to have my money back on the 23rd if ever. My original purchase 5/20.

I can't imagine how long the process would have taken if I wasn't so adamant on calling back to check on them.

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Monetary Loss: $53.

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